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Property Purchase Agreement

Memorialize all of the important terms in a real estate transaction between buyer and seller


Buyer Agent Services 

Full MLS access | home searches | showings | negotiations | comprehensive estate plan | and MORE!


Mortgage Agreement

Create a lien on real estate as collateral for a loan


Residential Lease Agreement

Define the relationship and expectations between a property tenant and landlord


Deed of Trust

Transfer the legal title of a property to a third party trustee to ensure a real estate loan gets properly repaid to the lender


Seller Agent Services

MLS listings | marketing | yard signs | advertising | showings | lock boxes | comprehensive estate plan | and MORE!


Commercial Lease Agreement

Set out the duties and responsibilities for both the landlord and tenant of a commercial space


Contract Review

Receive a thorough attorney review of your contract with suggested revisions and feedback. (A review of a typical 5 page contract usually takes 30 minutes).

$300 / hour

Property Deed

Transfer ownership of real property to another person or entity


* Prices above are general estimates only and may be subject to change depending on each client's unique needs.  Please contact us to confirm

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